Exercise Veer Guardian 2023

Photos and story by Masaki Komatsu

Additional information from Indian Air Force release ID 1894080

Exercise “Veer Guardian2023” was held at JASDF Hyakuri Air Base in January, 2023. This is the first time that a joint exercise with Indian Air Force and the Japan Air Self Defense Force has been accomplished. 

The participating aicraft included:

4 x Indian Air Force Su30MKI from 220 SQ Desert Tigers at Halwara AFB 

JASDF  F2A/B from 3 Hikotai

JASDF  F15J/DJ from Hiko Kyodogun (Aggressor Group)

The exercise started from Jan 16th and finished on Jan 26th.(unfortunately, no flying during the week of Jan 26th.)

According to an Indian Air Force press release, their involvement, goals and accomplishments of the exercise included:

“The inaugural edition of the bilateral air exercise ‘Veer Guardian 2023’ between the Indian Air Force (IAF) and Japan Air Self Defence Force (JASDF) concluded in Japan, on  26 January 2023.

The JASDF participated in the exercise with its F-2 and F-15 aircraft, while the IAF contingent participated with the Su-30 MKI aircraft. The IAF fighter contingent was complemented by one IL-78 Flight Refueling Aircraft and two C-17 Globemaster strategic airlift transport aircraft.

During the joint training spanning 16 days, the two Air Forces engaged in complex and comprehensive aerial manoeuvres in multiple simulated operational scenarios. The exercise involved precise planning and skillful execution by both the air forces. IAF and JASDF engaged in air combat manoeuvring, interception and air defence missions, both in Visual and Beyond Visual Range settings. Aircrew of the two participating Air Forces also flew in each other’s fighter aircraft to gain a deeper understanding of each other’s operating philosophies.

Exercise ‘Veer Guardian 2023’ provided the two Air Forces with an opportunity to enhance mutual understanding. The exercise also witnessed numerous ground interactions between IAF and JASDF personnel wherein various aspects were discussed by both sides. This enabled the participating contingents to obtain an invaluable insight into each other’s best practices and learn from each other’s unique capabilities.”

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